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Committee on Campus and Community Life

Specific Charges for 2020-2021

All Specific Charges are in addition to each committee's "General" Charge in the Council Bylaws.

  • Review and comment on Penn’s approach to providing social services including those now delivered through the Division of Public Safety, specifically as they relate to matters including but not limited to drug abuse, homelessness, and mental health.
  • Review and comment on West Philadelphia map aggregating and integrating data on residency by Penn affiliates, Penn real estate development, and crime statistics.

Committee Members


  • Sara Jacoby


  • Tamara King
  • Tony Sorrentino


  • Emily Hobbs


  • Francesca Rusello Ammon
  • Sigal Barsade
  • Delphine Dahan
  • Nancy Hodgson
  • David Hoffman

Graduate/Professional Students

  • Aalok Thakkar
  • TBD

Undergraduate Students

  • Deborah Olatunji
  • Simran Rajpal


  • Traci Chupik
  • Laurie Hall


  • Mariel Featherstone
  • Laura Naden