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Committee on Diversity and Equity

Specific Charges for 2020-2021

All Specific Charges are in addition to each committee's "General" Charge in the Council Bylaws.

  • Identify where structures and practices (at the University, school, departmental, and individual levels) perpetuate biases and systemic racism as they apply to the remit of the University Council.
  • Identify and recommend ways to overcome barriers to inclusion and diversity within and across faculty, staff, administration, and the student body.
  • Review and recommend ways to improve centralized delivery of diversity and equity resources.

Committee Members


  • Ben Garcia


  • Sam Starks


  • Kuan Evans


  • DaCarla Albright
  • Kathleen Hall
  • Sarah J. Jackson
  • Jennifer Punt
  • Eric Schelter
  • Flavia Vitale

Graduate/Professional Students

  • Jason Andrechak
  • Catherine Zhang

Undergraduate Students

  • Lily Coady
  • Alexander Eapen


  • Rebecca Stuhr
  • TBD


  • Dana Allison
  • Tiffany Perkins