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Committee on Diversity and Equity 2019-2020

Specific Charges for 2019-2020

All Specific Charges are in addition to each committee's "General" Charge in the Council Bylaws.

  • Survey, review, and comment on the challenges facing a faculty of diversity (URM, women, etc.).
  • Examine current and potential campus-wide mechanisms and practices for information dissemination, particularly pertaining to topics and resources on diversity and equity at all levels (University, schools, centers, etc.).

Committee Members


  • Ebony Thomas (fall)
  • Ben Garcia (spring)


  • Sam Starks


  • Kuan Evans


  • DaCarla Albright
  • H. Gerald Campano
  • Howard Chang
  • Antonio Garcia
  • Jennifer Punt
  • Eric Schelter

Graduate/Professional Students

  • Stacey Bevan
  • Kelly Diaz

Undergraduate Students

  • Michael John
  • Zoe Walker


  • Cynthia Kwan
  • Kathy Tang


  • Tiffany Perkins
  • Angela Rivers