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Committee on Honorary Degrees

Standing Charge from the Council Bylaws

The Committee on Honorary Degrees solicits nominations from faculty and staff members and students for honorary degrees to be awarded by the University at Commencement and at special convocations and submits a slate of nominees for action by the trustees. It may make recommendations to the president regarding Commencement speakers and the conduct of special convocations.

The Committee shall consist of eight faculty members, two graduate/professional students, and two undergraduate students.

Committee Members


  • Jonathan Moreno


  • Lizann Rode


  • Antoine Jones


  • Mary Frances Berry
  • Nader Engheta
  • Vivian Gadsden
  • Karen Glanz
  • Michael Horowitz
  • Howard Kunreuther
  • David Leatherbarrow
  • Ronald Litman
  • Masao Sako

Graduate/Professional Students

  • Catherine Zhang
  • Samyak Rai Leekha

Undergraduate Students

  • Edward Cho
  • Armaan Somani


  • Stephanie Yee


  • Maureen Goldsmith