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Penn Medicine Board

University of Pennsylvania

In 2001, the University of Pennsylvania Trustees, by resolution, founded the Penn Medicine Board and its Executive Committee. This integrated governance structure oversees the academic, research, and clinical operations of both the School of Medicine (now the Perelman School of Medicine) and the University of Pennsylvania Health System and its affiliates. The umbrella structure is referred to as Penn Medicine. This act dissolved the existing Trustee Board of the University of Pennsylvania Health System.
University Trustees form the majority of the sixteen members of the Penn Medicine Board Executive Committee (excluding the EVP/Dean, EVP of the University, and CEO of Penn Medicine).  The Executive Committee Chair is also a University Trustee, and the Chair of the Trustees and President also serve on the Executive Committee as voting ex officio members. Moreover, a member of the University Trustee Budget and Finance Committee and Audit and Compliance Committee also serve on the Penn Medicine Executive Committee.  
While the University’s Board of Trustees has delegated to the Penn Medicine Board certain responsibilities for the management and operations of the constituents of Penn Medicine, formal institutional governance and fiduciary responsibility for all of Penn Medicine, including UPHS, rests with the University’s Board of Trustees.