University Council

University of Pennsylvania

The University Council is managed by the Office of the University Secretary.

All questions or concerns may be directed via email to .

The University Council of the University of Pennsylvania is a deliberative and broadly representative forum which exists to consider the activities of the University in all its phases, with particular attention to the educational objectives of the University and those matters that affect the common interests of faculty, staff and students. It may recommend general policies and otherwise advise the president, the provost, and other officers of the University. It is authorized to initiate policy proposals as well as to express its judgment on those submitted to it by the administrative officers of the University and its various academic divisions. It is also empowered to request information through appropriate channels from any member of the University administration.

The monthly meetings of University Council are open to members of the University. If you would like to attend please notify the Office of the University Secretary via

If a member of the University wishes to pose questions or to make proposals to Council, they may submit them in writing via email: Chair of the Steering Committee.

2020-2021 University Council 
Meeting Schedule

Wednesday, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

September 16, 2020*

October 21, 2020*
October BlueJeans Events Link:
Mobile Devices Event ID: bxufqkqg
By Phone: +1-800-520-9950 (Toll Free)
Participant PIN: 362 745 8 #
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December 2, 2020*
January 27, 2021
February 17, 2021
March 24, 2021
April 21, 2021

*Fall semester meetings will be held in a virtual format.